MILLADORO is a culinary celebration of all things Italian, meticulously curated by the culinary expertise of Chef Dean Medico. Dean, a true pizzaiolo, embarked on his culinary journey at The French Culinary Institute and the Italian Culinary Academy, where he honed his skills in the fine arts of French and Italian cooking. However, it was a transformative moment in 2011 that ignited his passion to redefine the realm of Italian cuisine.


Inspired by the enchantment of Naples and the alchemy of ingredients like D.O.P. San Marzano tomatoes, Caputo 00 flour, and the luscious buffala milk mozzarella, Dean set out to rewrite the story of Italian cuisine. With unwavering dedication, he brought the exquisite pizza Napoletana into the spotlight. As a profound testament to his commitment to his craft, Dean named his pizzeria PIZZALUCA after his firstborn son, Luca.

Now, Dean has embarked on an exciting culinary journey, elevating his expertise to unparalleled heights at MILLADORO—an extraordinary Italian sandwich shop bearing the name of his beloved daughter, Milla. At MILLADORO we pride ourselves on crafting fresh, daily baked Schiacciata (skee-ya-chah-ta) that will transport your taste buds straight to Italy.

Our inspiration flows from the rich traditions of imported Italian Salumi and the diverse flavors of Italy’s northern regions. Every sandwich we create is a masterpiece, a harmonious blend of flavors meticulously composed to encapsulate the true essence of Italian cuisine.

Whether you’re indulging in our artisanal sandwiches or reminiscing about the iconic pizzas that made Dean a legend, you’re embarking on an unforgettable culinary journey at MILLADORO. Join us to experience the love, tradition, and artistry that define our passion.


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Our menu caters to every taste, making us the perfect destination for discerning palates. we take pride in offering a menu that caters to every taste.

Always fresh ingredients

Our commitment to excellence begins with one fundamental principle: always fresh ingredients. We understand that the foundation of a remarkable meal lies in the quality of its components.

Experienced chefs

Our culinary team is a cornerstone of our success, comprising dedicated and experienced chefs who are passionate about their craft.

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